‘Pedalant Sants-Les Corts’, a project by students and Salva Fàbregas Estudi to promote local commerce

‘Pedalant Sants-Les Corts’, a proposal by students of the Degree in Design. The initiative consists of the creation of a moveable promotion point that gives voice to the shops of the Sants-Les Corts main road and shows a selection of highlighted products from them while advertising their activities agenda.

The project, thought by students and designed and developed by Salva Fàbregas Estudi, uses a cargo bike that allows its establishment and makes mobility through different spaces easier depending on the influx of people and different time slots.

How does it work?

The proposal is based on three concepts:

  • Bike: When the system is moving and makes one-time stops in its route, it has a small board and back support to distribute communication elements, flyers, promotions, etc.
  • Notice board: When parked, it is transformed into a notice board that moves people closer and is the most emblematic and easy-to-recognise part of the shops.
  • Shop window: When the bike is parked in its location and open to the fullest, it becomes a shop window that changes its products, offers, or merchandising depending on the shops of the itinerant street in which it is located.

This initiative, launched by the Tourism and Creative Industries Council Department together with the Trade, Sales, Internal Regime, and Finance Council Department, has the goal of revitalising local commerce. In the case of the main road of Sants-Les Corts, for both the agenda and the highlighted products, they have worked with the associate shopkeepers to carry out the conceptualization and creation of this movable point.