Packaging as a Weapon of Mass Seduction

It is a different vision of packaging design for the own-brand, a segment that is increasingly important and with greater opportunities for innovation.

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It is a different vision of packaging design for the own-brand, a segment that is increasingly important and with greater opportunities for innovation.


Paco Adín

Duration // Timetable

July 2022 (TBC)




Beginners / Intermediate


Dates may be modified and courses may be canceled depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

For a designer, creating or redesigning the packaging of a product is an opportunity to tell the story of its brand, its development. But what happens when the product to be designed has no history? Currently, more than 30% of the products sold are not trademarks. They are called "white brand" or "distributor brand". Products without history that two decades ago were ugly duckling of the linear but that today represent authentic challenges like exercises of good design.

In this workshop we will learn to create and tell stories through packaging and practice techniques that will help us conquer the hearts of consumers. Personality, honesty, sense of humor or simplicity are key aspects to create an emotional packaging that connects and tightens ties with our target.

This workshop gives the designer tools to work from a methodology that is totally extrapolable to all types of products, whether or not they are a distributor brand.

  • Discover the secrets of the packaging of the new own brand.
  • Learn how to create a storytelling for your own brand.
  • Design innovative own-brand packaging projects.
  • Practice, practice and practice.

The workshop is divided into five modules where we will carry out a new project every day.

  • Module A: The attitude
  • Module B: The sense of humor and entertainment
  • Module C: Sincerity and honesty
  • Module D: Activism Module E: Inspiration
Course key content

The workshop is divided into five modules. We will approach the packaging projects we carry out from different work approaches based on:

    The attitude. Defining personality is essential to build an attractive discourse that connects with your target. The packaging must reflect an attitude that makes our audience see it attractive, different and desirable.
    The sense of humor and entertainment. Humor moves mountains, so do not forget that a smile is an infallible weapon to conquer consumers.
    Sincerity and honesty. Clients have very little time to decide their purchase, so do not waste their time. Design with clarity, honesty and transparency. Do not try to look like what you are not.
    Activism. Packaging is an opportunity for brands to position themselves and fight for different social causes such as equality, inclusion, the environment, etc.
    Inspiration. A film, a painting or a song are perfect to inspire a packaging design. The inspiration is somewhere out there.

Paco Adín

This is Paco Adín, graduate in Advertising, Graphic Design and Marketing at the University of the Basque Country. I am a founding partner and the creative director of Supperstudio, a contemporary packaging agency. I have worked and I work for brands such as El Corte Inglés, Eroski, Pascual, Starbucks, La Gula del Norte, Vivesoy, Chocolocuras, Young & Beautifood, among others. During the last years, many of our packaging jobs have won awards such as D&AD, Pentawards, FabAwards, Bestpack, Liderpack, Laus, El sol, Anuaria, El Chupete, etc. I combine my work at the head of Supperstudio with conferences, workshops and classes in the Master of Marketing (UPV-EHU)

My life runs between the skewers of Bilbao and the tapas of Madrid. And in summer I watch life go by in Mallorca. I am Basque, I have a Mediterranean soul and I practice 'happypackaging'.

Professionals, people interested in the world of packaging, designers, graphic designers, artists, illustrators.

Personal laptop with design programmes (Illustrator + Photoshop).

Elisava students have a special discount of 25% of the price in the following programmes: ‘Creación y Renderizado de Objetos y Espacios’ and ‘Las Herramientas del Diseñador Gráfico: Crea, Retoca y Presenta con Suite Adobe’.

The students of the summer course ‘Sustainable Materials for Design’ who decide to take the ‘Master’s Degree in Design through New Materials’ will have a discount corresponding to the amount of the summer course in the master’s price.

Discounts before 15 April *

Participation in a course: 100% of the course price is paid.
Participation in two courses: 100% of the first course is paid and the second course has a 15% discount.
Participation in three or more courses: 100% of the first course is paid, the second course has a 15% discount and the third and subsequent courses have a 20% discount.

Discounts for Alumni Bold *

Participation in a course: 15% Alumni Bold discount
Participation in two courses: 15% Alumni Bold discount on the first course and 20% discount on the second course.
Participation in three or more courses: 15% Alumni Bold discount in the first course, 20% discount in the second and third courses and 25% discount in the following courses.

* All discounts will correspond to the amount of the course with the lowest value.

From April 16, only the standard 15% discount will apply for Alumni Bold.

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