Elisava’s facilities are spacious, equipped with state of the art technology and allow activities associated with the studies taught at the school to be carried out comfortably. We have advanced facilities for you to experiment and put your knowledge into practice.


A research/audio-visual production laboratory (video, photography, postproduction and editing) and interactive system (augmented realities, immersive environments and natural interaction). It is organised into three subspaces: the chrome space, the photography space and the space for editing, with a capacity of 5, 4 and 3 people respectively.

Book in advance to have access to the room’s gear (Mac pro, microphone system, Black Magic 4k camera, Lumix Gh2 camera, GoPro camera, full-HD projector, continuous lighting system (photo / video), Kinect sensors, Leapmotion sensors , Nikon D5000, Panasonic Lumix FZ45, Sony DCR SX 30 30E or Zenea Bronica, among others).

Science and technology lab

A well-endowed room with tools for scientific research and technological experimentation. It has a wide variety of test equipment, such as instrumentation to analyse the metal microstructure, equipment for cold deformation of materials and heat treatments, and a wide range of measuring instruments.


Electronics and interaction lab

A laboratory for experimental research. Put in practice everything that you learnt in science and technology courses. It is open to the entire Elisava community. It has specific equipment for research in electronics and interaction; its latest acquisition is the fume hood.

Graphic workshop

Allows experimentation in various manipulation and printing techniques (artisanal, mechanical or digital) that intervene in the realisation of prototypes and mock-ups of graphical objects. It is equipped with the necessary tools and machines to develop print jobs and craft binding, digital printing and adhesive vinyl cutting of vectored originals. To use the Graphic workshop it is necessary to fill in this authorisation form.

Prototype workshop

175 m2 dedicated to the development of prototypes, scale models and models. A workshop to manipulate, transform and experiment with materials with a didactic purpose, either expressive, representative or verification. It is equipped with machines and tools to work, mainly, wood and its derivatives, polyurethane foam, metals, plastics and resins. It offers different services of digital manufacturing, laser cutting and engraving, 3D printing and CNC milling. It has a paint booth, turning foam parts and a machine for thermoconfiguring plastics.


The biolab is a space equipped with laboratory instruments for the use of the different students of Elisava. It has a variety of devices such as microscopes, stereoscopes, hobs, petri dishes, precision scales, pipettes, as well as a laminar flow hood for the handling of bio-hazardous agents safely and in conditions of sterility.

Motion Capture Room (MOCAP)

It is a room dedicated to the capture of movement and its subsequent processing. An area of 40 m2 with twelve special Optitrack Prime 13 cameras, two full body uniforms (Motion Capture Suit) with thirty-seven markers or movement sensors each, a computer equipped with capture software (Motive, from Optitrack) and a plasma screen where you can see the results in real time.

Computer Classrooms

Elisava has eleven computer rooms equipped with MAC and PC with specific software for design and engineering studies. Our Customer Service Centre (CAU) is always open to help.

Multipurpose room

Redefining the set of four classrooms with a flexible divider according to the teaching needs space. Located on the second floor, it is an experimental space equipped to ensure the quality of teaching and permit the student learning.

Instalaciones Elisava
Instalaciones Elisava
Instalaciones Elisava
Instalaciones Elisava

Student room

A space for studying, group meetings and resting. It has slate walls that serve as a wall for the development of projects, an area with a refrigerator and microwave (for whom food is brought from home) and the bar next door, this busy place -which gives preference to those who work there- It is like the dining room of our own house.

Conference Hall

It hosts, among others, the interventions of leading figures in the field of design and engineering who come to Elisava to participate in conferences and workshops. Most of the acts are broadcasted and recorded in the  Livestream Channel of the school.


A living, changing and dynamic room which is always open to exhibitions and student’s interventions. A "public square" to learn how to communicate, because not only does it matter what you believe, but how you communicate it.