Numerous projects by students of the Master in Product Design and Degree in Engineering nominated for the James Dyson Awards

The James Dyson Awards recognise the talents of students from engineering, product design and industrial design degrees. The awards highlight designs that seek to improve existing products that can be turned into an improved version. The students have demonstrated the potential of their proposals, which may be viable for future commercialisation in the market. As in the previous edition, this year there are numerous Elisava projects nominated for these awards.

From the Master in Product Design and Development, the following projects have been nominated for the awards:

  • ‘Airflow’ by Mikel Smithers, Maiara Raisa Reisdorfer, Aitor Arkarazo, Germán Tomás Hernández Guerrero, Pablo Sacristan Neubauer.
  • ‘Splash’ by Guillermo Ferrer Puiggrós, Pablo Frechilla Baños, Asier González de Zarate, Ignacia Mayorga, David Soto.
  • ‘2NDSKN’ by Marina Vera, Juan Leal, Oihane Ardanaz, Lucía Buño, Lidia Varona Piñas
  • ‘VIVO’ by Luis Gabriel Forero, Julio Cesar Tellez Ruiz, Lorenzo Fanelli, Laura Görbitz Porcella, Zeus Romanillos Gracia, Andrei Ivan Kriljenko Marquez
  • Lazo‘ by Mario Marco, Philippe Jeanneret, Pablo Paniagua, Carlos Valdés

Numerous projects have also been nominated from the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering:

  • Neoshell baby incubator‘ by Pablo Padrós, Carmen Guerra Marroquí, Alex Bretaudeau, Miguel Clotet, David Riol García, María Fernández, Marcel del Valle, Emma Brugué, Ainara Rico, Ainara Rico, Ainara Riol García and Marcel Rovira Corral
  • ‘NEOSINE’ by David Riol Garcia
  • Atom H2‘ by Anna Martin, Marcel Rovira Corral
  • ‘Modular Furniture & Water Collection System’ by Aike Jin Niemann Martín
  • ‘Torna’l’ by Tomás Revilla
  • Fix‘ by María Mei Bellsolà López, Mario Sanz Lameiro, Núria Fandos Arriero
  • ‘Conformal cooling, reduction of cycle time’ by Maria Gómez Ferrer
  • Dayna Shields Helmet‘ by Marc Sospedra

The following have been selected from the Degree in Design:

Finally, from the Simultaneous Studies Programme, the nominees are the following projects: