Numerous projects by Product Design and Engineering students nominated for James Dyson Awards

Up to 5 projects from the Master in Product Design and Development have been nominated in the next edition of the James Dyson Awards. All 5 projects have been possible thanks to a collaboration with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and have been overseen by Elisava tutors Salva Fàbregas and Xavi Riudor d’Elisava, and Mario García from Hospital Clínic.

They are the following:

  • Lazo’, de Philippe Jeanneret, Pablo Paniagua, Daniela Ontiveros, Mario Marco and Carlos David Valdes
  • Amaia’, de Maitena Pemán, Javier Martínez, Jorge Gonzalez, Tania Bonilla, Carlos Casal y Elena González
  • ‘Hipcare’, de María Songel, María Paula Rodríguez, Lucía Solinís, Arsenio Andrea, Julia Robledo and Eva Vera
  • ‘Uky’, de Manuel Borrego, Miguel Ángel Mateo, Antonio Piera, José David Castillo and Lina Ruiz
  • ‘Dorem’, de Massimo Luigi Nocivelli, Oriol Illa, Ignacio Menarguez, Xavi Monrabal and Raül Cots

Besides the projects from the Master in Product design and Development, two projects from students of the Master in Industrial Design Engineering have also been nominated::

  • Fitex, by Carmen Garbayo Chivite
  • Odapt, by Ivana Llobet Leca, Patricia López Martínez and Jessica Nissen

In addition, several projects by undergradute students have also been selected from the Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation and from the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering .

  • The Cyborg Hand, byJudit Parés Padrós
  • Triton Alicella, de Oriol Povill Cerdeira
  • Agro Biomaterials, by Berta Daina
  • Ductor, by Patricia Trincado
  • It makes sense, by Ruben Berenguer, Giovanni Rodríguez Chen and Rafa Rabasa Rodríguez

The announcement of the national winners and finalists of this new edition of the James Dyson Awards will take place the next 7th of September. Good luck to the nominees!