Numerous projects by Elisava students selected for the ADG-Laus 2023 awards

Once again this year, the ADG Laus Graphic Design and Visual Communication Awards have selected numerous projects as nominees for these awards. In order to promote design and visualise its cultural and social importance, these prizes were created with the aim of supporting the profession. The awards have 5 categories in which Elisava participates with Graphic Design, Digital and Advertising projects. The Laus Awards 2023 will be presented during the ADG Laus Night, which will take place on Thursday 8 June at Disseny Hub Barcelona.

Digital Category

The NOTFINE project proposes an online platform as a space for sharing and learning about mental health. Focusing on human passions and concerns, this platform wants to address a topic that society tends to neglect.

Students: Lia Araújo, Sara Figuretti


Archaeological Museum of Digital Trash

AMoDT is an editorial platform that explores the impact of the excessive accumulation of data, like a digital landfill, through exhibitions on identity, big data, xenofeminism and hardware. This platform seeks to evidence social and environmental problems as a consequence of today’s digital lifestyle.

Students: Andrés Ramírez Ruiz, Camila González



AtOS explores the reality of the digital era, in which our smartphones have changed the way we relate to each other. The mobile is almost a part of us and this project develops an experience to explore the boundaries between the physical and digital world.

Students: Neta Barstava, Victoria Fronza


Smoking in the 21st Century

This project investigates smoking in 20th century society up to the digital age. The SIT21C platform, created with visual resources such as NFTs, fuses reality with pixels to bring smoking into the 21st century.

Students: Mads Vine, Sarah Micheli

‘Nofine’, Digital

This is a quarterly digital publication about the excesses of society, such as overpopulation, overproduction and ultra-processed food. Through a total of 15 projects, it seeks to promote change in the creative industry.

Students: Laura Oliva-Rifà, Carolina Marcia Arce Pérez


I Will Never Stop Controlling You

A project that questions control over social networks and the mobile device, to identify digital behaviour. It is an artefact that displays an infinite sentence on a screen as a reflection of the infinite time spent on the mobile.

Students: Emilia Masato Gutiérrez


Web Graphic Elisava Degree Show 2022

With the idea of creating an online portfolio with minimal graphic resources, a fluid design has been created that highlights the uniqueness of the students’ projects.

Students: various students

‘Soberano’, Advertising
Category Graphic Design

Okàn is a brand of chocolates with nuts and spices developed to create a fairer world with the slogan “Good for the people”. Through design and creativity, it seeks to raise consumer awareness of the child labour that often occurs in cocoa fields.

Students: Josefina Bull-Figueroa, Paz Masi, Denise Szternberg, Josefa Palma Esplugas


Punt i coma

From an editorial piece, the aim is to show the need to connect people and resume conversations as an inherent part of society.

Students: Miquel Gracia Sanjuan and Laura Oliva-Rifà


The Weather Report

This is a quarterly publication of cultural issues based on the theme of “Happiness”. Under the name “The Weather Report” it aims to illustrate the four seasons in tune with our “inner climate”, from a conceptual, visual, contextual and close perspective.

Students: Lia Araújo, Mads Vine



Eludita is also a quarterly publication, which, on the theme of “Happiness”, analyses the role of machines in an increasingly dehumanised society. It proposes to see the world through a prism free of technology, as it can become a threat, in addition to the dependence it generates.

Students: Miquel Gracia Sanjuan, Andrés Ramírez Ruiz



RA[]MÉ is a perfume that encapsulates everyday life to smell, see and feel the beauty of chaos. The perfume manages to isolate the hustle and bustle of the city in a capsule that represents an instant. This fragrance is temporary, as it can only be smelled in the installation, it is just a memory.

Students: Beatriz Pérez, Marina Subirats, Laura Agulló, Giovanna García, Iban Cayero

‘Alike’, Graphic Design
I won’t be home for dinner

This project is a challenge to the collective idea of the kitchen, in which the idea of the woman associated with this space is broken. It questions gender roles and expectations.

Students: Andrés Ramírez Ruiz, Camila Joaqui


Dear Tears: crying as an act of resistence

Using the technique of embroidery as a graphic language, the aim is to make the act of emotional crying visible. The embroidered and framed handkerchiefs are the image of different crystallised tears. The pieces change colour on contact with water or tears and have been screen-printed with hydrochromic ink.

Students: Helena Elizondo



It is a product that was born as a rebellion against luxury and uses mercury as a banner, as it is capable of diluting gold. It offers a critical discourse on consumerism and capitalism with a massive poster campaign.

Students: Anna Filella, Berta Monfort, Ariadna Mir, Rubén Méndez


Aly Arvense. Our Ally.

It is a book that makes us question the concept of “truth” within fiction or the urgent problems we continue to ignore. The narrative thread tells the story of a genetically modified plant that can save us from climate change.

Students: Ann Griffin, Lia Araújo



Alike is a biannual magazine based on the theme of “happiness” that analyses and investigates the relationship between cultural context and furnishings in everyday human activities.

Students: Camila Joaqui, Claudia Murillo Amador

‘Soberano’, Advertising
Advertising Category
A line to be new, again

This communication campaign reinvents the shoe designs for Camper Recrafted. Using materials already created by the brand, the aim is to produce something new and significant.

Students: Antía Durán, Adrià González, María del Sol Gómez, Claudia González



Soberano is a project to reposition this brand with a strategic communication plan that allows Soberano to gain popularity and position itself as in previous decades.

Students: Carolina Lleida, Rubén Méndez, Judith Beltran, Agueda Colom, Marta Barbosa



It is a fragrance that creates a visual and narrative universe that seeks a connection with the Earth. It is a solid fragrance with marine and woody notes.

Students: Alicia Guerrero, Rocío Blanchod, Carla Helmbrecht, Julián Pineda, Alba Carbonell

Category Graphic Design – Packaging

The packaging of Moca’t rests on the object itself, so that a dialogue is created between the product and the packaging. This effect is created with few elements and serves as a self-souvenir.

Students: Núria Perea