‘Nous territoris: Les tres xemeneies de Badalona’ a project from the Degree in Design for transforming an emblematic space

‘Nous territoris: Les tres xemeneies de Badalona’ is a project developed by students from the Degree in Design, whose aim is to rehabilitate the industrial landscape of Les tres xemeneies in Badalona, an emblematic but abandoned space. Under the topic Re-Use, the pupils have to carry out a photographic and cinematographic project through which, by critically observing the landscape, they can open up new visions to interpret the space’s context and devise strategies for action to transform, preserve and restore this place to a new life.

Among the main objectives of this project are to occupy a disused industrial landscape so as to bring issues that the world marginalises to the centre, to identify the potential of the space as an area where debate and interpretative discourse can be promoted, and to explore its potential uses for institutional or spontaneous events. As part of this project, the students visited Les tres xemeneies, where they were able to see for themselves the space on which they will be working and take photographs that will help them to achieve their goals.

‘Nous territoris: Les tres xemeneies de Badalona’ is an initiative of the teachers Federico Calabrese, Ramon Garcia, Maria Mauti, Ciro Frank Schiappa, Luca Volpi and Alberto Sagrera. It is part of the subject ‘Proyecto Optativo’ of the Mention of Space and its final client could be the Generalitat de Catalunya.