Workshop on waste reuse that will be part of 'The Materials Farm', by Materfad


'The Materials Farm' is an initiative of Materfad which proposes an unprecedented vision in Spain for the development of new materials from the waste generated by tourism activities.

The large influx of visitors has a huge impact on the environment. A human activity that can generate resources for designers and researchers who evaluate the opportunities of non-conventional raw materials.

In this context, our undergraduate students have participated in a workshop, tutored by Saúl Baeza (Does-work) with the collaboration of Sara González (Afad) and Cristina Noguer (Adifad), to investigate new methodologies and experiment with the aforementioned residues in search of more sustainable and efficient alternatives.

The results of this workshop will be shown at Materfad exhibition 'The Materials Farm', within the framework of the FADfest 2017, focusing precisely on tourism and how design can influence its management in a city like Barcelona. The pieces of our students will share space with those of the speakers of the Materials Talk.

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