Winners of the ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards 2018


We already have the winners of the 5th edition of the ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards, gave by the School with the objective of awarding excellence, creativity and the rigor of the projects of our Master and Postgraduate's students.

From a total of 54 projects nominated by the programme's directors, the Jury has unanimously awarded four prizes: 1 Gold and 3 Silvers, handed over in the Master and Postgraduate Graduation Party last 26 of July.

Award-winning projects

Gold category

On Pointe. Developing a Parametric System For Pointe Shoe Customization
By Marilena Christodoulou
Study: Master’s Degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture. Mention in Research

The proposal originates as a digital architecture project that ends with the development of a product and ends up moving to other fields. For its exchange of knowledge and its transversality, the project adds value and innovation to a scarcely dynamic and innovative market. The author starts with a enshrined product and adds a new dimension and a much more sporty and qualitative approach. All of this, combined with a highly complex and rigorous documentation and analysis process.

Silver category

REC 0.15 Pop Up Store
By Mariam Alali, Alba Juliá, Yuliana León, Daniela Meade, Luciana Pimentel, Claudia Ribot Santiago Ríos, Pablo Viaplana, Andoni Zamora
Study: Master in Temporary Space Design: exhibition, event, pop-up

For the ability of creating an effective real solution to solve a technical question with limited resources, adding a new utility to a pre-existing product and creating a multipurpose and original space. In essence, for the wit, effectiveness, quality and the feasibility of its implementation.

To Live And Die in Venice
By Anna Kabanina and Idil Gücüyener
Study: Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects (Master in Editorial Design)

For the risk of the editorial design. A project in which the design answers to a very specific concept, manifested transversally in every page of the project. The final result is a mixture of two apparently antagonistic languages (classic literature and hip-hop) that the authors succeed in combining genuinely, achieving an austere but forceful piece.

By Farah Foudeh
Study: Master’s Degree in Photography & Design

For the message's power and the emotional and reflective force of the photographs. A project that gives visibility to a current humanitarian problem that portrays loneliness and the loss of identity of some collectives in a world in which mass tourism is increasingly wide spreading.

Audience Award

Vivarium. Cultivo de ideas
By Anna Gil, Barbara Paixao, Graziella Garcia, Renata Mallard
Study: Postgraduate in Design of Work Space

Public vote through Easypromos.
Votes: 1.427

The Jury of the 5th edition of the ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards was formed by:
Verónica Fuerte (Founder & Creative Director, Hey Studio)
Gerard San Martí (Founder & Creative Director, La Granja Design)
Olívia Ricard (Creative Director, Slowkind. FAD's board spokesperson)
Cristóbal Páez (Editor, Experimenta Magazine)
Javier Peña (ELISAVA's General Director)

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