Winners of the Elisava Professional Edition 2020 Awards


One more year, Elisava awards the Elisava Professional Edition Prizes, conceived by the School with the aim of recognizing the talent, dedication and excellence of the students of Elisava's Masters and Postgraduate programmes.

The Jury of this edition has been formed by

  • Martí Guixé (Designer)
  • Daria de Seta (Doctor of Architecture and Coordinator of the Space Area of the Degree in Design of Elisava)
  • Rubén Caño (Quadpack Designer)
  • Daniel Ayuso (Partner and Creative Director of Clase Bcn and President of ADG-FAD)
  • Claire Dubus (Marketing and Communication Director of Elisava)
  • Javier Abio (Design Editor of Neo2)

Here are the winning projects of the 7th edition of the awards. Among the 48 projects presented, nominated by the directors of the Master's and Postgraduate programmes, the Jury has awarded 4 prizes: 1 Gold and 3 Silver. As every year, the Audience Award has also been granted as a result of a public online vote.


Winning projects

Gold Category

They can’t make a monkey out of me
Authors: Adriana Pons and Fèlix Ruiz
Studies: Master's Degree in Editorial Design

'They can’t make a monkey out of me', by Adriana Pons and Fèlix Ruiz.

For the courage to deal in depth with one of the most surrealistic trials in the United States, the "Monkey Trial", just in the time we are living. The Jury considers it a very modern work with an excellent illustration that, on a graphic level, reminds us of the American pioneers. All aspects of the project have been worked on very well, from conceptualization to materialization. 

Silver Category

Indigo Hindi Zahra
Authors: Rubén Cruz, Diana Núñez and Álvaro Cócera
Studies: Master's Degree in Design and Art Direction

'Indigo Hindi Zahra', by Rubén Cruz, Diana Núñez and Álvaro Cócera.

Because it talks about the "south" in a very positive way, which takes us away from the mental images, inputs and negative connotations we are used to receiving about this area. This photographic work impacts, moves, and reaches directly to the heart without the need to explain anything. The images to show the Tuareg people, with an excellent art direction, speak for themselves. 

Silver Category

Cafetería industrial
Authors: Alejandro de Francisco Castillo, Paula Rufi, Carlos Moret and María Camila Alfonso
Studies: Master’s Degree in Design and Internet Projects Management

'Cafetería industrial', by Francisco Castillo, Paula Rufi, Carlos Moret and María Camila Alfonso.

For presenting a fresh interaction project very well treated and finished. The jury believes that the staging is original, has an elegant sense of humour and a great graphic quality, which flees from the vintage and luxury design we usually see nowadays in many projects.

Silver Category

Vila Bosc
Authors: Alejandro Varangot and Gaston Capandeguy
Studies: Postgraduate in Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters

For the surprising result obtained in this project, in which the construction of the house sprouts in the middle of nature. It has been possible to create some very dynamic spaces within a rigid structure that exalts the geometry of nature. 

Audience Award

Yourself, authentic
Authors: Alex Juan Monjo, Camila Crespo, Laura Merizalde, Peligros M. Fernández, Thays Caroline dos Santos and Ximena G. Passano 
Studies: Master's Degree in Design and Art Direction

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