Winners of the ei! 2020 Awards

The winners of the ei! Awards 2020, together with Javier Peña, General Director of Elisava; Albert Fuster, Academic Director; and the Heads of Studies Oscar Tomico (Degree in Industrial Design Engineering) and Danae Esparza (Degree in Design).

One more year, Elisava's ei! Awards have recognized the best Final Degree Projects of the recent graduates of the School. The ei! Awards distinguish the final works of the students of our University Degrees taking into account criteria of conceptualization, innovation, functionality, development and methodology, as well as its social, economic and environmental viability.  

The Jury of the 9th edition of the ei! Awards wanted to highlight the great merit and level of all the proposals in a context marked by the health situation generated by the COVID-19. This same context has motivated that the prizes have been delivered in a ceremony without public last October 2 (and not in the framework of the Graduation Ceremony, as usually).

The Jury of this edition has been formed by:

  • Guillem Camprodon. Interaction Designer. Research Lead. Fab Lab//IAAC 
  • Mariona Palau. Designer 
  • Albert Folch. Creative Director & Founder Folch Studio 
  • Helena Puig. Interior designer. PPT Interiorismo  
  • Javier Peña. General Director of Elisava  

The members of the Jury have selected one winner for each category: Human, Material, Society, Information and Technology, and three Special Mentions. They are the following:



Ariadna Sala (Degree in Design. Mention of Product)
Tutor: Danae Esparza 

For creating a tool that makes therapy with victims of sexual abuse more palatable. The Jury highlights the invention of a purposefully designed iconographic system that improves people's lives. Thus, they value this work very positively because it makes the problem visible and shows how design can help other disciplines.

Special Mention

Hieros Glifos

Joan Carreras (Degree in Design. Product Mention).
Tutor: Raquel Llaberia

For the poetic beauty of the ceramic pieces and for showing the most intangible and artistic part of design. The Jury underlines the capacity of sensory exploration that Joan has demonstrated. Furthermore, they agree that he has explored new areas, leaving the designer's comfort zone.  



Gemma Delgado (Degree in Industrial Design Engineering. Mention in Product Development)
Tutors: Jessica Fernandez, Francesc Ribot

For making an impeccable presentation and argument of a very complex project. The Jury highlights its technological contribution and the systemic part of its research. In addition, it values very positively the application of the language of engineering in the body.


Paisajes de la memoria

Julia Llorens (Degree in Design. Mention of Space). 
Tutor: Daria de Seta

The Jury highlights this work because of its great potential: it values the criticism it has made to the current city model and the commitment to save the agricultural territories of the Llobregat Delta area. A project that stands out for its social and historical awareness of an environmental problem and emergency.  

Special Mention

Orwell. Wearing Digital Privacy

Sergio García (Degree in Design. Product mention).
Tutors: Oscar Tomico, Saúl Baeza, Lluís Sallés

For showing all the current privacy issues with a very skillful approach. The Jury highlights this project for the connection it has established between three very different universes: individual rights, social networks and trademarks. 


The Viral Stone

Carla de la Torre (Degree in Design. Graphic Mention) 
Tutors: Oscar Tomico, Saúl Baeza, Lluís Sallés

For creating a game between two totally different supports and generating a new code for the TikTok language. The Jury highlights the balance between the hypermodern language of this social network and its materialization in such an old support, like a stone. Everyone considers that the game between these two supports as a visual metaphor is a very personal and risky bet.

Special Mention

You vs the Machine

Maria Moreso (Degree in Design. Mention in Interaction Design)
Tutor: Tona Monjo

The Jury considers that this project makes three problems of new technologies (surveillance, discrimination and manipulation) impeccably visible. They value very positively that the student has used design as a protest in her work.


Sistema simbiótico transitorio de creatividad biológica y artificial

Ana Bellido (Degree in Design. Mention in Interaction Design)
Tutors: Oscar Tomico, Saúl Baeza, Lluís Sallés

For establishing a dialogue between the designer and the artificial intelligence and for connecting design and industry. For developing a complex design methodology and providing tools for the designer to work and develop. The Jury highlights the great work of the student, who has explained the figure of the designer today in the technological world.  

ei! Award for Best Academic Record

Ferran Algueró Martínez

ei! Audience Award

Anna Portet Sullà (Autodeconstrucció)

Anna Portet Sullà (Degree in Design. Mention: Graphic Design)
Tutor: Francesc Ribot

The Audience Award, voted openly and online through the Easypromos digital platform, has been, with 210 votes, for this work in which the author puts into practice the overexploitation of Role Theory by insecure people through the design of a book with a lot of information about herself explained from different points of view.

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