What is the future of branding?


We are living in a brand landscape where anything from services to objects or interactions can be commodified and sold, and defining what makes a brand a brand has never been more blurry. Logos and taglines aren't the main elements a brand has, neither they determine recognition and success in the market. We are living in liquid times, where brands must find new ways to express their identity and what they believe in, developing an evergoing conversation with their audiences.

The future of branding consists of flexibility, community, and collaboration, all of these elements as part of a web that works together, going beyond the usual disciplines that used to build brands before, designers doing marketing, advertising mixed with sociology and business, and creativity working side to side. The limits between each discipline must blur and become one, to adapt and create impactful branded content that resonates with today's audiences.

3 Keys to understanding the branding trends


Nowadays audiences are being constantly influenced by the cultural zeitgeist. As brands must respond, react and adapt to the culture, they are becoming more and more flexible. Their visual identity and communication must respond to the feedback of their audience, in the future they must find ways to express and maintain coherence in their communication at the same time they can create a moment of novelty.


It's not a new thing that the power of unity can make powerful things, but thanks to the different spaces and tools the internet offers, it has become a place that fosters communities both in the physical and the digital space. People themselves have built groups around their favorite brands, these communities have shaped the interaction humans and brands have, becoming one. Now brands must develop interactions with their audiences, and have a constant listening to their feedback as a way of having people at the heart of every decision and direction.


People don't want to receive ads 24/7, 7 days a week. If brands want presence and recognition daily, they must develop content that audiences want to consume, offering something that goes beyond selling products. To do so, they must develop a brand universe that has a clear purpose and vision, that can expand both in products and contents. As time passes, content can change, while this vision remains constant. From branded content to partnerships and collaborations, brands can expand their influence and connect with more people if they can introduce themselves into culture and media.

Beyond Branding Master Program

The Master’s Degree Beyond Branding by Elisava and Folch is a forward-thinking one-year program that seeks to explore new brand territories, analyze the current landscape of communication and study how brands aesthetics and business models have been influenced by global changes. Take your abilities and experience to the next level, this program aims to put you in different roles and visions, mixing elements and perspectives from business, design, marketing, and advertising. Creating holistic profiles, unique in the market and ready to respond to today's brand needs and challenges.