We announce the winners of the Beyond Scholarships 2022-2023


This initiative offers the possibility of studying a Master Beyond starting in September 2022 with a 50% scholarship for each Master's Degree.

The jury, formed by the directors of the Master's programmes, has awarded the portfolios of the profiles presented taking into account their background, trajectory and their future projects.

The winners are:

Beyond Scholarship: Master Beyond Branding - Okyviane Liunic

Art Director at VICE Asia, Okyviane specialises in illustration, branding and animation in her hometown Jakarta. She currently combines her work as a freelance graphic designer with the creative direction of her own collaborative project, The Press Pause Studio.

Beyond Scholarship: Master in Human Interaction and Artificial Intelligence - Alba Benito

Alba is a product designer, graduated from the Universidad Superior de Diseño de Aragón. Interested in solving technical problems in a creative way, she started studying design, specialising in interior and product design, to which she has dedicated more than 4 years of professional experience.

Beyond Scholarship: Master in Design for Emergent Futures - Henrique Sambi

Born in Brazil, Henrique has brought a proposal that highlights his humanitarian vision of design. In recent years, he has participated in both his own and commercial projects, prioritising social action and innovation as fundamental pillars of his practice.

Beyond Scholarship: Master in Data Design - Natalia-Lin Blay Casas

Graduated in Design at Eina and specialised as an illustrator and graphic designer. In her artistic practice she emphasizes graphic experimentation and a great sensitivity in the exploration of dialogues between visual arts and research.

Beyond Scholarship: Master in Design through New Materials - Rosa George

An accessories designer, Rosa dedicates her professional activity to the ethical design and manufacture of everyday objects using recycled materials. Her work is based on the need to create without destroying, appealing to a strong sense of sustainability and circular economy.

Beyond Scholarship: Master Beyond Product(s) - Samuel H. Ramirez

A student at the Conservatory of Dance, Samuel began to understand the body as a learning tool, so he decided to complement his interest in performance with studies in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Through transdisciplinary projects, he puts into practice his creative skills in the fields of product and space design, performance and art curating.

Beyond Scholarship: Master Beyond Resilience - Julieta Tortosa

Graduated in Industrial Design at the University of Tucumán, Argentina. Julieta bases her professional career on the design of projects that aim to improve people's lives and protect the planet.

Beyond Scholarship: Master Beyond Packaging - void

In this edition, the Jury has considered that the Beyond Scholarship awarded to the Master Beyond Packaging is void.