VIBE, a European project that will work to launch 'the sensorial Netflix of culture for generation Z'


We spoke with Laura Clèries and Saúl Baeza about VIBE, a new European project devised and led by Elisava Research.

Saúl, Laura, what is VIBE about?
VIBE (Visions By Experience) is a very innovative project that Europe's Creative Innovation Lab program -“Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital ”has funded. More than 115 applications were submitted and we ranked among 7 other finalist proposals. The project addresses the future of consumption and experience of culture in new formats that contemplate the audiovisual content of emerging artists and designers, wearable and haptic technologies and mobile applications, producing innovative cultural experiences in a 'phygital' way, delocalized, in the first person and sensory form. We will be creating the new 'Netflix of culture in sensory format, about the body', responding to the needs of new generations such as generation Z.

What objectives are expected to be achieved with this European project?
The main objectives are to design the next generation of museums and new audiovisual content and experiences through an exemplary methodology of multidisciplinary co-design for intersectoral innovation. We will be working together with our European partners in audiovisual production (Nemorin, in the United Kingdom), wearable technologies (Fashion-tech Farm, By-wire, in Holland) and museum production (Magma Cultura, in France).

What results can we see during the project?
As main results we will have VIBE Films, interactive 'phygital' audiovisuals that can be activated through bodily devices, VIBE Wearables, where fashion and technology will be affected from a sensory point of view, various innovative cultural mediation activities, or VIBE Magazine - an update to the 21st century of the traditional exhibition catalogues, and an Innovation laboratory to transfer the knowledge obtained to the different cultural operators.

In addition, we will be providing a methodology that is typical of future design and research in order to develop innovation and new business models. All of this can be experienced and will be disseminated through the VIBE App, which will be released in March 2021.

And how did the idea for this project came up?
As a result of the publication Visions By, a project that was born in 2018 from Elisava Research, where through an annual magazine, different perspectives on materiality and material cultures are addressed from critical and speculative research. During the lockdown months, we believed it was important to bet on a disruptive idea that reflected the situation that was already emerging before the COVID-19 situation: digital transformation, more sensory experiences, and new 'hybrid' technologies, where the physical and the digital come together.

What kind of impact do you expect to get?
As the project is medium-term - it lasts 18 months - the idea is to develop a very powerful project in a short time so that it can have an impact and resonance among the ecosystem of museums, cultural operators, developers of physical-digital technologies', thus as brands that want to bet on the new culture consumption formats of the new generations. We have a powerful 'advisory board' of partners such as Adidas, MACBA, IDEAL space, New Order of Fashion, or the 'Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals', among others.

At Elisava Research we are committed to 'shaking the system, the established', and with this project we are and we will be demonstrating.

What do you think it means for the school to be able to develop this project?
VIBE joins the list of European projects led by Elisava Research. With this we position ourselves as a university school of academic and applied excellence, but above all as a research unit that innovates from design and engineering, with an eye on entrepreneurship and new business models, as well as new digital futures and new forms and experiences of consumption of digital culture.


See you on VIBE App;)
Saúl Baeza and Laura Clèries - Elisava Research 
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