Undergraduate students present their projects at IDEAL Barcelona as part of the European VIBE initiative


More than 300 undergraduate degree students have shared this week at IDEAL Barcelona, the multimedia space in Poble Nou (Barcelona), their work carried out in the subject Transversal Project. Their works are part of the European VIBE project, conceived and led by Elisava Research, with the aim of reflecting on and seeking innovative solutions related to the future of cultural consumption and experience through new digital and sensory formats. The projects have been divided into 4 areas, which we review below:

Area 1 - Mixed Media Storytelling

Project 1 – Why Museum?

Working from experimentation, we consider it's interesting to rethink how a museum, of any field (scientific or humanistic), issues the messages through which it communicates and connects with its users. 

Staff: Arnau GifreuLluís Sallés, Jordi Farreras

Project 2 – Rethinking curiosity

Curiosity is an innate instinct in the human being, dimensioning knowledge and enriching human culture, science and technology. This project proposes to explore this skeptical condition based on the observation and analysis of the sensitive qualities of our environment.

Staff: Roger ArquerGaston LisakFrancesc Ribot

Area 2 - Embodied Culture

This approaches will support the creation of prototypes to be experienced on the body –from soft wearables to personalised accessories that would shape the way we engage with cultural contents.

Project 1 – Close to the Body
Project 2 – On The Body

Staff: Oscar TomicoMarina CastánMarina Pujadas & Sofia Zunino (Pedra) 

Area 3 – Museum: Out of Joint

Project 1 – A Walking Museum

The “museification” of public space implies an impossibility of living, experiencing and using in other ways, we will try to adopt artistic languages to deactivate it. Through the language of action, performance and happening, as well as of material, graphic and ephemeral interventions, we will try to shatter this hegemony of the homogeneous.

Staff: Ramon Faura​, Enric Llorach​, Víctor Betriu​
Visitors​: Pau Riba (artista), Konvent.0 (centre artístic), Laura Llevadot (filòsofa), Hara Kraan (Usted es un Colectivo).

Area 4 – Curated by the internet

Project 1 - Active Activism Act

Over the past few years, movements from March for Our Lives, to Black Lives Matter, to the Youth Strike for Climate have shown us that people around the world are ready for a revolutionary cultural shift. At the forefront of many of these conversations are the voices of a new generation, one that seeks to create a world that is more free, just, and equitable for all.

Staff: Saúl BaezaDiana PadronIasa Monique  

Project 2 - Curated by the internet

Teens have a unique relationship with digital culture that manifests in how they use digital tools to consume and create, combining influences from all corners of the world, becoming the curators of the digital space. They are acting with agency and playing out activist behaviours through new mediums and (un)learning outside of traditional systems, beyond digital realms.

Staff: Saúl BaezaAriadna SerrahimaLaura ClèriesChristian Alonso 

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