Undergraduate students design the set of three plays thanks to a new agreement with the Amics de l'Òpera de Sarrià


Elisava has signed, for the second consecutive year, an agreement with the Amics de l’Òpera de Sarrià to design and develop the set for the three performances of the season. Thanks to this agreement, 19 second and third year students of the Elisava Degree in Design, supervised by the set designer and professor of the School, Carles Berga, have designed and created the sets of these operas.

Each set has been developed from a workshop in which, after analyzing the musical content and the available materials, the students have developed the idea and have built the necessary scenic elements. A process in which they counted on the advice of the head of production of the Amics de l'Òpera de Sarrià, the actress and director Anna Ponces.

The result of the project are three sets that manage to bring the theater into the era and style that each of the operas wants to convey. In La Scala di Seta by Gioachino Rossini, the stage becomes a typical apartment from the 70s; Le Cendrillon by Pauline Viardot gets a chaotic office transformed into a fairytale palace; finally, in Il matrimonio segreto by Domenico Cimarosa, luxury will invade the theater to transport us to a mysterious apartment in the richest neighborhood of New York.

The signing of this agreement is a unique opportunity for students to participate in the set of an opera (a very difficult achievement in Catalonia). On the other hand, for the Amics de l'Òpera de Sarrià it represents access to the talent and creativity of our students.

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