Undergraduate students of the Degree in Design decorate the Spring Festival in the neighborhood Sant Just


Students of first and third year of Elisava’s Undergraduate Degree in Design have designed, together with the association of Amics del Barri of San Just, the decoration of the Spring Festival of the District of Sant Just, which has been held on May 17 and 18.

One of the main goals of the project has been to involve the neighbors, and especially in the schools of the neighborhood and the District of Ciutat Vella, in the creation of these ornamental elements, encouraging their involvement in the parties and other neighborhood events. The initiative is included in the Experimenta!! Workshop of Elisava, tutored by Joan Recasens and Raquel Bautista, and is part of Design for City Making project (DXCM).

Neighbors and neighborhood schools’ participation

The students have started from a piece of news published in the press on February 11, 1896, which describes the effects of a "celestial body of unknown origin" that crossed the Barcelona sky followed by a strong explosion and a large cloud, causing panic widespread in the city.

From this news recovered from the newspaper library, the students of the Undergraduate Degree in Design have invited neighbors to take objects to stage this moment. They have hung these objects, as if they had been suspended in time, to imagine how this moment of uncertainty caused by the passage of the meteorite at the gates of the church of San Just, as described in the press.


Bodies involved: Amics del Barri de Sant Just, Districte Ciutat Vella, Cívic Pati Llimona Center, Escola Angel Baixeras, Sagrada Família School, Andreu Nin Library, Pati Llimona Children's Center, Fundació de la Esperança Children's Center; Ludoteca Placeta del Pi, Migrastudium.

Professors: Joan Recasens and Raquel Bautista

Participating students: Clàudia Anguera, Clàudia Blanes, Laia Garrido, Carlos Gerhard, Anna Grau, Cristina Pan, Gerard Piera, Eulàlia Room and Monica Serfaty.

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