Undergraduate students collaborate with Triton Submarines

Triton Elisava
Triton Elisava
Triton Elisava
Triton Elisava

A team of 6 students of 4th year of Undergraduate Degree (5 of Industrial Design Engineering and 1 of Design), have formed Elisava x Triton, a project in collaboration with the American company Triton Submarines, to design and develop the different interior elements which will shape the user experience of their next submarine.

This project is part of the Final Degree Project and it will be presented to the company at the end of this academic course. The briefing calls for a viable proposal from the inside of the submarine, which can be completed with current external conditions and a unique user experience, given the specific characteristics of this future submarine. In various meetings with the company, the team has been working on different conceptual proposals and the development of the final proposal has already begun.

For the realization of the submarine, the team members made a trip to Lanzarote last January, where they have been able to experience the exciting immersion experience in a tourist submarine. This previous study serves to understand and redesign the different interior elements with which the future passengers will interact, and also to be able to study the pilot and co-pilot's environment.


Team Elisava x Triton:

Project manager and tutor: Xavier Riudor.

Tutors: Daria de Seta, Kian Darvishian.

Students: Mariona Busto, Rosa Casafont, Nekane Gurrutxaga, Daniel Pérez, Paula Barragan and Ivan Aragonés.

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