Two projects of our Industrial Design Engineering students, winners of the challenge proposed by Lacer


The students Arnau Martori, Joan Maturana, Miquel Sirvent, Oriol Povill and Oscar Rodríguez have been the winners of the challenge proposed by the company Lacer in the framework of the subject 'Simulation Project' of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering of Elisava.

The subject Simulation Project teaches students how to perform the product development process using all virtual simulation technologies. The result is an optimized product that can be industrialized. In order to follow a training program close to the professional world, Elisava collaborates with companies to solve real challenges.

Within this framework, the collaboration with the company Lacer, leader in the Oral Care sector, was born, which proposed a briefing that was developed in the subject Simulation Project under the guidance of professors Cesc Mestres and Albert Sosa. The results have materialized in 6 high-quality projects that have excited the court, made up of professionals from the company (heads of management, R&D and marketing) and Elisava professors. Two of the six projects have been selected for Lacer as winners and have received the corresponding prizes.

These projects are focused on the innovative strategy of the company Lacer, within the framework of its Oral Care products. This aspect is very enriching for the students and for the product simulation area of ​​Elisava, since the academic results are supposed to equal a real and professional project. We hope that the new products Lacer, born as a result of Elisava’s creativity, will successfully arrive in the market in a near future.

Congratulations to the students Arnau Martori, Joan Maturana, Miquel Sirvent, Oriol Povill and Oscar Rodríguez and their tutors Cesc Maestros and Albert Sosa for this success.

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