Sustainable packaging project by students from the Master in Packaging Design wins the World Brand Design Society Awards


The students of the Master in Packaging Design Bernardita Rodríguez, Maria Jose Quiroga and Juanita Arroyave have won the Design Students of the Year award of the World Brand Design Society Awards (WBDS). In addition, they have also been recognized in the categories Black Award, Gold Award and with the 1st prize of the scholarships, valued at 2,000 pounds sterling.

The three Elisava students have achieved this distinction thanks to Louis Süe Collection, a packaging design project for sustainable jam containers that can be reused as cocktail glasses. Defined by the judges as "an amazingly simple concept oriented towards reuse and circular economy", the work has been part of the challenge proposed by Verallia, assumed by the Minimal Packaging Workshop of Elisava's Master in Packaging Design and tutored by Martín Azúa, Pere Serrat and Eva Minguella. Its objective: to learn how to design glass packaging that had its first use in food and proposed a second use.

Louis Süe Collection is a brand that belongs to the premium world and proposes original jam cocktails, whose containers are inspired by the art and architecture of the twenties of the last century. A series of objects whose mission is to create memorable occasions, becoming an essential tool for the cocktail bar, thanks to its stylized aesthetics inspired by art deco. Louis Süe Collection has been awarded among hundreds of international projects, among which 51 have been shortlisted.