Success of ELISAVA’s students in the RC Sailing Challenge 2013


“La mafia del mar”, team made up by Eduard Bonifacio, Àlex Casabò, Laia Dalmau, Eduardo Guerrero, Roger Peiró and Carlos Vallhonrat, students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design given by ELISAVA, have won the first interuniversity radio control ships championship, RC Sailing Challenge, which took place last Monday 20 May in the Barcelona World Race Interpretation Centre.

ELISAVA has also conquered the fourth and seventh positions of this event with the teams “Womper” (Bárbara Cornudella, Alfons Echegaray, Jordi Jubany, Lucas Llobet, Héctor Martínez, and Marc Monguió) and “Percebeiros” (Sergi Bartra, Alberto de las Heras, Jorge Lorenzo Roman, and Roberto Pla Díaz) respectively. The projects presented by the students of ELISAVA have been tutorised by the teachers Rosario Hernández and Javier Peña.

In the competition, organised by the Barcelona Foundation for Ocean Sailing (FNOB) and the company Sailing Technologies, 19 teams have participated comprising 103 students from different universities. Among the participating universities can be found: Instituto Químico de Sarrià (IQS), the Barcelona School of Nautical Studies and the Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering of the Barcelona Tech (UPC), as well as the three groups of engineering from the School.


eLISAVA's winner team.