Success of ELISAVA FashionLab Show 2013


The FashionLab Show 2013 given by ELISAVA has become again display window for new trends that promote the innovative and differentiating essence of the Master’s Degree in Fashion Design given at the School, a programme that enhances the creativity and personal style in an interdisciplinary frame, integrating the savoir faire in the context of the last market trends.

The eight presented collections cover a wide range of creative worlds. From the exaltation of the asphalt culture in «Mutación» by Núria Batiste-Alentorn Ibañez; the reinterpretation of chador by Narges Tarfi in «Another Birth», or the exaltation of woman’s sensitiveness and strength in «Dualidad Femínea» by Paulina Gómez Romero; to the reinvention of the outfits as an expression of the way of living in «Mente en blanco» by Lina Espitia and Charlotte Fleury; or the vindication of the importance of details in the collection for man «Sutileza Monumental» by Alma Victoria Palacios.

Simplicity and elegance by these new talents that have already taken part in events such as “The Best Fashion T Projects 2013”, catwalk for budding fashion designers within the frame of the 35th edition of MODAFAD, in the case of Roxane Mercerat with «Desmontando los límites» and the outfits of «Narcisa» by Daniela Jimenez Villegas, exhibited in the display cabinets of the 080, dedicated to the best collections presented by the students of the design schools.

The FashionLab Show is a show that combines music, photography and audiovisuals developed along with the fashion students, from the Master’s Degree in Photography and Design and the Master’s Degree in Design and Art Direction given by ELISAVA.

Núria Batiste-Alentorn Ibañez. Collection: Mutación. Man/Woman Timeless.

Paulina Gómez Romero. Collection: Dualidad Femínea.

Roxane Mercerat. Colección: Desmontando los límites. Mujer Transeasonal 2014.

Lina Espitia and Charlotte Fleury. Collection: Mente en blanco. Woman Spring/Summer 2014.

Daniela Jimenez Villegas. Collection: Narcisa. Woman Autumn/Winter 2013.

Alma Victoria Palacios Marín. Collection: Sutileza Monumental. Man Autumn/Winter 2013.

Sara Lozano Coca and Sofia Mattone. Collection: Encuentros Causales. Woman Spring/Summer 2014.

Narges Tafi. Collection: Another Birth. Woman Spring/Summer 2014.

Photos: Frederic Camallonga

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