Students of the Master in Interior Design are working on a new model of sustainable housing made of wood


The students of the Master in Interior Design have visited the building at 14 Guadalquivir street in the Polvorín neighbourhood of Montjuïc to design an interior space for a yoga teacher and a vegan cookery teacher. The task is part of their postgraduate final project, which aims to reflect on and study new housing models centered on social and sustainable values.

The couple, aged 45 and with no kids, seek to combine work space and living space without losing sight of important aspects such as eco-design, passive architecture and the naturalization of housing, using wood as the main construction material.

The project arises from the promotion of the Affordable Rental Housing Programme of the Generalitat de Catalunya in the Carmel and Polvorí neighbourhoods of Barcelona and in the Can Sant Joan sector of Rubí, promoted by the Institut Català del Sòl (INCASÒL). The building is the work of the UTE team of architects Luis Lara, Elena Redondo, Mónica Escaño and David Soley, who collaborated on the project.