Students of Elisava design a jar for the new restaurant of the Hermanos Torres

Hermanos Torres
Hermanos Torres
Hermanos Torres
Hermanos Torres

Nine Elisava students have designed a jar to give value to the consumption of running water in the new restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres in Barcelona. The one-liter capacity container has a design inspired by the same restaurant, characterized by pure forms of glass and a shiny black finish in metal parts.

The multidisciplinary team of Elisava’s students has created a ritual for the presentation of water on the table. As a result, the final product incorporates a wooden beater with a small porcelain container to add flavor notes to the water. In its presentation on the table, the jar, made of hand-crafted crystal, and the glass are placed in small metal bowls that collect the water condensed in the glass to avoid leaving stains on the tablecloth.

Response to the great environmental challenges

This project seeks to promote the consumption of running water as a healthy and responsible alternative to the environment. In this sense, the Cocina Hermanos Torres restaurant will offer the option of consuming running water among its customers. With this collaboration, Elisava is committed to design and sustainable development and puts in value ​​design as a transforming agent of society and as a tool to give response to the challenges of climate change.



Aurora Villalpando, Andrea Pedraja and Sumaya Shelbi, of the Master’s Degree in Furniture Design
Júlia Bonet and Vera Rubio of the Master’s Degree in Packaging Design
Júlia Claveria and Jose Riesco of the Simultaneous Studies Programme (PES)
Alberto G. Virgos and Gisela Chueca of the third year of the Undergraduate Degree in Design

Project tutors

Martín Azúa and Anna del Corral

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