Students of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design participate in Wearable Technologies Picnic



The last year students of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design of ELISAVA Elia Marcos, María González and David Hidalgo have participated in the “Wearable Technologies (WT) Picnic”, which took part last May 29th in Barcelona.

There, they presented the work they are making within the framework of the collaboration between ELISAVA and the company Zinc, as part of the Challenge Next Generation Wearables and with the aim of developing their Final Degree Project, tutorized by Jessica Fernández (professor of ELISAVA), Blake McEldowney and Sofia Majan (Zinc). Their goal: to move forward to an intelligent wearable generation that are born from the comprehension of Smart Textiles and the integrated biosensors.

Wearable Technologies Picnic is a new global event created from “Wearable Technologies”, a pioneering platform and world leader in innovation focused on the market development for technologies used close to the body, on the body and even inside the body.

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