The Social Coin travels to San Francisco


The Social Coin, the company that produces and distributes coins that symbolize the disinterested action and in which participate various design and engineering students of the School, is back in news.

After 16.000 coins activated, 125.000 favours and 5.000 trees planted in more than 40 countries, two of their founding members set out on a journey to San Francisco with the aim to make its international presence grow even more and to start working in the United Stated thanks to Kumu, a north-American incubator that helps to promote innovative ideas in the social field.

From the 9th to the 19th February, Ivan Caballero and Edgar Pons, who is a four-year student of the ELISAVA Bachelor's Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design, will attend to a set of meetings with experts who are related to different topics concerning the coin: from packaging experts at a global level or universities specialized in studying happiness, such us the Center of Greater Good,, to people who has started up a business with innovative materials such as Ecovative or Pulpworks and Paul Stamets, an expert in mushrooms, fungus and Bioremediation.

Furthermore, they will also meet with possible investors eager to leave their mark to the project and they will participate in workshops and activities linked to the project with people from other startups.

In the two first days of the journey, Edgar and Ivan have achieved to create an experts team formed by Paul Piff, neuroscience researcher at the University of Berkeley, Emiliana Simon, science director at the Berkley Greater Good Science Centre, Hanz Kurdi and Manuel Maqueda, COO and CEO of Kumu, Miquel Valls, CEO of DaData Capital and investor, and Jay Nichols, founding member of Blue Marbles. In the following days, they will meet with experts in fundraising, marketing and the responsible of Facebook storytelling so as to improve the scalability of The Social Coin.

Its functioning is simple: once a coin is obtained, the owner has to get rid of it by accomplishing a good action. When the good action is accomplished, the owner must give the coin to the beneficiary, so he or she can carry out the same process with another person. The chain of done favours remains gathered at the initiative website. In this way, the stories that each coin have entailed can be monitored by keying their unique codes.

Besides, the coins are manufactured with biodegradable and compostable materials, and contain a seed that provides them with a life of their own. Once the chain of favours has ended, the coin can be seeded, so it will turn into a plant.


Wallace J. Nichols (Blue Marbels) with Edgar and Ivan


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