SEAT, Rücker Lypsa and ELISAVA design the future of carpooling


This week we revealed the five finalist projects of SEAT Car Sharing 2025, the joint contest of ELISAVA, SEAT and Rücker Lypsa, whose objective was to develop products that offer mobility and design solutions for the future's carpool.

In order to do so, SEAT's Design Department has collaborated with different specialists and areas of the company via master classes, as well as working hand in hand with the students of ELISAVA during nine months.

The competition was developed around three main cornerstones:

  • The creation of a business model based on car sharing for the SEAT's Mii model.
  • The definition of user experience (UX) of the car from beginning to end.
  • The reinterpretation of the brand's values through the use of new languages that express the sensations of the interiors of a SEAT.

These are the five finalist projects of our students for the contest SEAT Car Sharing 2025

Work & Relax

Authors: Marina Fuentes Barrera, Lucas García Zabalza, Mario Sabaté Puig
SEAT Award and Rücker for Best GLOBAL PROJECT

Car sharing project conceived to make the most of time during the journey, in which users will be able to use that time to work and relax.


Authors: Margarita Torrens Amer, Carolina Vilchez Megia, Laia YuWu
SEAT's Special Mention for Best UX PROJECT

Interior design proposal aimed at families that need new ways of mobility in their daily life. With the slogan "Trust in Mii", the project promotes car sharing for parents who are looking for strengthening the sense of community, trust, and security in the Barcelona of the future.

Set Mii Free

Authors: Maria Rey , Xavi Maixenchs, Olga Sanchís
SEAT's Special Mention for Best INNOVATION PROJECT

Car sharing vehicle aimed at young people who are starting to have their first income and want to enjoy their weekend and free time. The car has a highly versatile interior design, with a dynamic surface that works using artificial intelligence.


Authors: Edgar González, Gerard Vicen, Joan Vilà

New car sharing service aimed at tourists. The service includes an app to provide an immersive touristic experience that allows to know the city's history and culture. The interior design merges interactive technologies, modern art, natural materials and light shapes inspired by the sea.


Authors: Marc Novillo Cabré, Alberto De Las Heras Palacios

The interior of the car is customizable in order to adapt to the needs of the millennial generation. The multi-area's interior turns the journey into a connected experience of study or entertainment, suggesting plans depending on the location and the people who are travelling in the car. The objective: to provide collective experiences that improve social relations.

Assessment of the project

“This year we have seen formidable projects. The students of ELISAVA have created very well developed projects."
Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, SEAT's Design Director.

“For SEAT it is paramount to recruit and foster talent, as well as giving an innovative approach to the idea of carpooling design by and for young people."
Jaume Sala, Head of SEAT's Interior Design.

“For the ELISAVA students of design and engineering, this collaboration is a unique opportunity to work in a real environment. For nine months, they have been analyzing, developing and testing their projects in order to offer these innovative proposals."
Anna María del Corral, ELISAVA's head of the project / Albert Fuster, ELISAVA's Academic Director.

The authors of the winner project, 'Work & Relax', with SEAT, Rücker Lypsa and ELISAVA team involved into the project.

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