Salva Fàbregas talks about the SDGs in Elisava's undergraduate courses at B Citizen Lab


Salva Fàbregas, Coordinator of the Tools, Materials and Techniques area of the Undergraduate Degree in Design at Elisava, has participated in the last edition of B Citizen Lab, organised by Barcelona Centre de Disseny within the framework of the last edition of the Barcelona Design Week. B Citizen Lab is a space for meeting, learning and participatory generation of ideas to promote the construction of a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Barcelona.

Salva Fàbregas gave a talk about Designing Possible Futures through Education, a conference in which he explained his work to promote and encourage sustainability in higher education, progressively incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Elisava's degree programmes, in which Fàbregas teaches.

This process also opens the door to a cross-cutting issue the entire B Citizen Lab programme: the role of education in building more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive environments.

Undoubtedly, according to the organisers, education is one of the most powerful drivers of change that exists, for the future and for future generations, which further validates this commitment. For this reason, they conclude from B Citizen Lab, a project such as the one promoted by Salvador Fàbregas from Elisava is essential, which seeks to incorporate this vision from its genesis and, moreover, in a discipline as transversal as design.