Roca's One Day Design Challenge awards three projects by Elisava students


Three projects by Elisava students have been awarded at the latest Spanish edition of Roca's One Day Design Challenge, held on October 22nd in the Roca Galleries in Barcelona and Madrid.

After the jury's deliberation, both venues went online to announce the winning projects:

First prize

Project: LOOP
By Marc Godayol Hasse (Elisava, Barcelona)
Studies: Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

The Jury valued:

  • The creative concept, where the bathroom consists of a single wall.
  • The reinterpretation of an existing element used in public bathrooms, adapting it to the domestic space and incorporating a storage system.
  • The use of technology to achieve a simple, functional and easy-to-clean design.

Second prize

Project: LIFT
By Pedro Glatzel of Soveral (Elisava, Barcelona)
Studies: Undergraduate Degree in Design

Jury's assessment:

For its originality, coherence and intention. As well as for adhering to the project with determination and proposing a flexible and adaptable system, as well as elegant.

Third prize

Project: SYSTEMA I
By Martiño Lorenzo and Xosé L. Piñeira (Elisava, Barcelona)
Studies: Simultaneous Studies

Jury's assessment:

For proposing a bold solution that concentrates the hydraulic installation in a central and independent column, which allows the sink and the storage to be placed on both sides indistinctly. We also valued the formal resolution and the design presentation.

The core of the Roca Challenge is to give young designers and professionals a platform to showcase their skills and connect with the architecture and design community. This was the 10th edition of the contest, which has consistently grown since its beginning and now has a presence in 15 countries. The next edition will take place in Oman on October 29th.