Ricardo Cavolo and the students of the Master in Illustration and Comic paint a mural in ELISAVA's patio


The students of the Master in Illustration and Comic of ELISAVA, under the supervision of the illustrator Ricardo Cavolo, have covered one of the patio’s walls of the School with a giant illustration with a lot of symbolism.

Each one of the students suggested a story and they the areas of the mural were distributed among them to represent them on a base set by Ricardo”, explains José Luís Merino and Mery Cuesta, directors of the Master. “One of the conditions was to avoid obvious representations and to try to look for more symbolic paths, as the way Cavolo works”, they add.

The result was a coloristic combination of five big faces with a lot of surrealist elements. Faces that represent the portraits of this year’s students of the Master, a total of sixteen, from countries like Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, China, Germany and India.

The starting point of the mural was to show their learning in the boarder sense, not only to an academic level, but also to a personal level”, say Merino and Cuesta. “Capturing the growth that our students have felt, not only by taking the master, but also by living in a city and country different from their classmates that come from different cultures and the consequences it has had on them”.

An enriching experience for all participants and “comparable”, complete, to the one from all the other masters of the School.

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