Retail students create Olow's shop window in Iguapop Shop


Students of the Master in Retail Space: Retail Design, within the Visual Merchandising module, have created a shop window for the French fashion brand Olow, inside the Iguapop Shop in Barcelona. The concept of this shop window emerges from an Olow's saying that can be found in its new collection's catalogue: un mer calme n'a jamais fait un bon marin" (a smooth sea has never made a skilled sailor).

The creative team was also inspired by the popular essay Liquid Modernity of Zygmunt Bauman, which introduced the idea of "liquid modernity". This concept describes our era, when the individual replaces traditional patterns for self-chosen ones; enclosed by uncertainty and ambivalence and submerged in constant change and express consumerism.

In this sense, the mentioned saying identifies Olow with a skilled sailor who tries to navigate buoying his principles up despite the changing sea, which can be identified as our society and its economy. The OLOW sailor is opposed in a "slow fashion" manifestation that transmits more traditional and honest values and prioritizes quality instead of quantity.

This idea shapes the Iguapop Shop's window, which still maintains the essence of the time in which it was a contemporary art gallery. The proposed design is aimed to create a shop window that is part of the shop's interior, creating an ephemeral and specific space for the brand.

This was the winning proposal out of all submitted by the masters' students, and was created by the team formed by Marta Meléndez Rújula, Micaela Seresini Fernandez, Anayansi del Carmen Diaz and Joaquín Acevedo Cordón, tutored by Tito Pérez Mora.

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