Retail Lab of Elisava participates in the design of the new TOUS store


Elisava's Retail Lab, formed by students and teachers of the Master in Retail Space: Retail Design has participated in the design of the new TOUS store located at Portal de l'Àngel in Barcelona.

The project, which represents the beginning of a new store concept for the brand, involved a multidisciplinary team made up of students of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities from Elisava, professors, and professionals from TOUS art direction and projects departments.

It is a transparent shop, consistent with the brand's type of jewellery, which seeks to be accessible in such a way that the interior space can be interpreted as a showcase. The store incorporates a series of innovative elements that offer their clients a space for meeting and experiencing backgrounds in the jewelry environment.

The shop has several environmental and waste management certificates. Furniture is made by former elements found in vintage shops, accordingly to the brand's desire to offer a second life not only to jewelry, but also to be beautiful and singular objects with their own personality.

Traditional treatment methods have also been recovered to give shape to natural materials, such as floors and natural marbles, which have been worked by expert cabinetmakers and marble workers, or the blown glass lamps, made by a master glazier from extra-clear glass in order not to devitalize the real color of the pieces.