Raúl Goñi from Elisava creates the Open Arms x Etnia Barcelona Foundation campaign to raise visibility of refugees


Raúl Goñi, Coordinator of the Interactive Experiences Area, professor at Elisava and creator of the Public Protest Poster platform, has devised and developed with Open Arms and the Etnia Barcelona Foundation brand a series of actions for the Open Eyes, Open Arms project.

Making voices visible

The initiative consists of a comprehensive graphic campaign that starts with a trip to Athens to various refugee camps to carry out a series of interviews and then project the messages of the refugees in different cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan and Paris. In addition, together with Natxo Leuza, they have created the documentary Our Voices, recorded in the refugee camp of Malakasa and Ritsona, Greece and Barcelona. The darkness of the journey and the limbo of the refugee camps are transformed in this project into a beam of light where the voices of the survivors Fadia Faizi, Emram Sarwary and Wais Mohammadi are projected into the Mediterranean launching a message of help and hope: we are human.

A platform for empowering people and reclaiming public space

Public Protest Poster is a research project that was born months ago within the framework of MUEDIC, University Master's Degree in Design and Communication with the aim of conquering public spaces and giving people the tools to express themselves. Its aim is to give a voice to everyone who has something to say and then project it in public spaces. This project won a mention in the Laus Aporta 2021 awards.

Raúl Goñi is the Coordinator of the Interactive Experiences Area of the Degree in Design at Elisava, interdisciplinary designer and PhD researcher at the University of Lisbon Faculty of Architecture and Design. He has been teaching since 2007 in various schools of Art and Design. Throughout his professional career he has won several Laus and Gran Laus awards in Graphic Design and Visual Communication as well as several Golden Lions at the Cannes Festival, Golden Suns at the San Sebastian Festival, Clio awards and The Cup.