The project 'Be (in the) Water', by two students of ELISAVA, finalist in the international contest Reshape


Núria Diago and Maria Carrion, students of the Program of Simultaneous Studies of ELISAVA, have developed 'Be (in the) Water', a project tutored by Professor Xavier Tutó. It is a nose synchronized swimming clip based on a Voronoi structure specifically adapted to the nose of each user, taking the role of a second skin.

Comfort and aesthetics

The additive manufacturing process has been the inspiration and basis of the project, providing the opportunity to design without production limitations. Each nose clip is programmed according to the user's data, obtaining a unique and totally personalized result, providing a perfect support and comfort to each swimmer.

The aesthetic value is highly appreciated within the world of synchronized swimming, which is why they have moved away from the conventional idea of ​​trying to hide the element and have opened a way to a new understanding of the product, teaching and treating it as a jewel.

Wearables adapted to the skin

This year, Reshape 17 has established the "Programmable Skins" as a theme, focusing on skin-friendly wearables, providing enhanced functions and open the way to programmable materials.

'Be (in the) Water' is one of the ten finalist proposals chosen by the Reshape jury. The ten will be exhibited in different exhibitions, starting with Reshape, at Fira Barcelona on October 4, as part of the IN(3D)USTRY Event.

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