The Pentawards 2020 recognize four projects by students of the Master in Packaging Design


Up to four projects by students of the Master's Degree in Packaging Design have been recognized in this edition of the Pentawards, the most prestigious international awards in the Packaging Design sector.

After receiving more than 2,000 proposals from 60 countries around the world, this year's International Jury has shortlisted some 400 works, of which four with the Elisava seal have won a Pentawards trophy; 3 in the Silver Category and one in the Bronze Category. Congratulations to the winners! They are as follows:

Silver Pentawards

ABC, the reinvented chocolate

Project by Carmen González, Clara Hevia and Mar Sánchez-Morate.
Workshop: ‘Branding y packaging de gran consumo’, tutored by Jesús Alonso, Miquel Campmany and Eva Minguella
Academic year: 2019-2020

With an assortment of 36 pieces, 12 of each kind, ABC chocolate offers a variety of different flavors and shapes that generate more than 200 possible combinations. "Creating your own praline is as easy as choosing one piece from each category: a top cup, a spherical heart and a praline base. All the pieces can be found inside a simple, minimalistic white box, breaking away from the traditional way of displaying chocolates", say the authors of the project. 

L’Oreal, excellence créme

Project by Laura Homs, Miquel Nadal and Venecia Palacios.
Workshop ‘Innovación y packaging’, tutored by Isaac Salom and Clara Cabral de Souza. 
Academic year: 2018-2019

This project challenges the traditional methodology of dyeing hair. Minimizing the mess and complicated steps, letting the user have a simpler and more efficient hair colouring at home. The end result is a product where the chemical components of the dye (developer and hair colorant) are merged into a single bottle, no need for manual mixing and the mess that comes with it. Thanks to its design, the seal keeping the chemicals separated breaks with a simple twist gesture, allowing both components to mix by just shaking the bottle for a few seconds. 

Otamati, prehispanic cuisine

Proyect by Jessica Sandoval
Workshop: ‘Packaging de origen’, tutored by Eva Minguella
Academic year: 2019-2020

Otamati is a gourmet food line inspired by the ostentatious pre-Hispanic life and the food ritual of Moctezuma II (last Aztec emperor of Mexico). This series of products includes the ahuahutle (water bug larvae), the chicatanas (flying atta ant) and escamoles (ant larvae).

Otamati arises from a need to redeem the most exclusive Mexican flavors, known as the "Mexican caviar". The objective of this project is to bring these unique delicacies to light and thus put something authentically Mexican on the map of gourmet products and make insects less and less an exotic dish, intended only for adventurous people. One of the biggest challenges we faced was the representation of insects on the packaging, as not all people are willing to try this type of food.

Bronze Pentaward

Millësime, chocolat bulles by Moët

Proyect by: Lorena Jiménez, Miquel Nadal y Valentina Reyes.
Workshop: ‘Branding y Packaging de gran consumo’, tutored by Jesús Alonso, Miquel Campmany and Eva Minguella
Academic year: 2019-2020

With this project, we wanted to go one step further and take over a different yet reliable sector, which pairs perfectly with the brand existing products. This is the reason why we wanted to create Millësime, truffles that make us think directly of champagne.

"The exterior of the pack is a box that opens similarly to books", explain the authors of the project. "This reminds us of surprises and gifts, as we thought that it was fundamental that our potential customers could give a traditional, yet exclusive, elegant and luxurious gift, that improves moments and pleases family, friends and acquaintances. From a graphic perspective, we wanted to maintain a minimalist and elegant aesthetic and, of course, not to lose the essence of Moët & Chandon". 

After this year's edition, Elisava is in the number 2 position of the Pentawards ranking as the second school with more prizes (12) obtained in the framework of these international awards.

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