The Master in Retail Design students design the storefront of the new Barça Store in La Rambla


The students of the Master in Retail Design, within the framework of the Retail Lab of Elisava, have designed and assembled the store windows of the new Fútbol Club Barcelona’s Flagship Store.

The new commercial space is located in La Rambla, 124, in the heart of one of the city's most emblematic and touristic streets, and has a surface area of 1,900 square metres, divided into three floors and designed as a 100% Barça experience space with the aim of boosting innovation and new technologies in the retail business.

Conceptual window dressing

It is in this context that the design of the shop window of the new store is situated, whose winning proposal has been conceived by the students of the Master in Retail Design of Elisava Andrea DiZio, Belén García, Victoria Macoc and Paula Viciano. Their project, inspired in the circulatory system and centred around two hearts, one blue and the other red, alluding to the colours of the Club, conceives the new commercial space under the premise that visitors are a passion that circulates through the space and that their heartbeats form an important part of the experience.

In this way, the installation tries to emotionally provoke the visitor, trying to create an intimate bond that runs through the veins of the Club, represented by an artistic and luminous montage made with flexible neon tubes.

This conceptual approach attempts to stimulate the imagination of the public by inviting them to explore and interact with the space. An aim that implies a process of intrigue, attraction and, finally, the generation of a journey through space.

Barça, a partner of great value

The interior remodelling project of the space has been carried out by the studio Capella García, by the architect and Elisava professor Juli Capella, and has taken as its inspiration decorative elements such as ceramics and the iconographic motifs of Modernism and ‘Noucentisme’, artistic movements that are strongly rooted in Catalonia.

With this collaboration, Elisava strengthens its link with another top-level brand that is closely linked to the city of Barcelona, both in terms of its history and its significance. A partner of great value for the Master in Retail Design due to its media nature, its scope and its commercial aspect, and who has entrusted the Master in Retail Design with the creative freedom and the challenge of contributing to the improvement and recovery of the conceptual and creative window dressing intrinsic to the city of Barcelona.

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