The Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces culminates his project on the uses of paper


The Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS) of Elisava has completed its cycle of collaboration with Sant Lluc, the drawing house of Barcelona, putting the paper in a protagonist role.

A three-year collaboration around the same issue: how to work with paper as a primary material, and not as mere support of artistic work.

Three teams of MEATS students from 23 different nationalities have worked with this purpose during the last three courses, each of them in collaboration with a different artist, to experiment with the possibilities of this material.

The results of the initiative have been written in this urbanNext article, as well as in the book 'Només paper' (‘Only paper’), published by MEATS and Sant Lluc, which reflects the essence of the project.

‘Paper Geographies’ (2017)

Description: Workshop that has raised the construction of an installation (a space, a surrounding atmosphere) as a result of a manual work process. The students have produced pieces from the toilet paper pulp. Drawing space with paper, we have sought to redefine the relationship between work and the receiver, transforming this material into a choreography of geometries and textures.

MEATS students: Mariam Al Ali, Alba Julià, Yuliana Leon, Daniela Meade, Luciana Pimentel, Claudia Ribot, Santiago Ríos, Pablo Viaplana, Andoni Zamora

Teachers: Stella Rahola Matutes, Roger Paez

‘One and Many Lines’ (2018)

Description: Intensive workshop in Sant Lluc that has culminated with an installation with light and paper as protagonists, and where the latter has ceased to be the support of the drawing to become the drawing itself.

MEATS students: Shaun Barton, Lorenzo Damonte, Fiona Gather-Stammel, Marta Gutiérrez, Mira Kanj, Felix Köstinger-Lingitz, Ji-Qian Lai, Hung-Chi Li, Marcelo Reinoso, Laura Sánchez, Carlota Segú, Giulia Sportolari 

Teachers: Mar Arza, Roger Paez

‘Moving Paper. Filling up the exhibition space with all Sant Lluc’s papers’ (2019)

Description: Sample that has gathered in the exhibition hall of Sant Lluc all his papers: paper art, folders, notebooks, posters, leaflets, brochures, information papers, forms, books, newspapers, napkins ... A comprehensive index that encourages the visitor to go beyond the exhibition space.

MEATS students: Ihab Al Baraki, Sara Bhaty, Luís Cabrera, Elise Chukri, Estefanía Cortés, Paritosh Hatolkar, Amira Ihab, Ridhima Malhotra, Camille Moins, Mariana Magalhaes, Anna Piliugina, Èrica Soler, Priscyla Tallabas, Nieves Torbado, Lijing Wang 

Teachers: Luz Broto, Roger Paez