Letter from Javier Peña, General and Scientific Director of Elisava


Hello everyone,

I can't start this letter, once again, wishing that these words will find you all in perfect health and, just as importantly, in perfect emotional state. We could not imagine, the day we were forced to close the doors of the Elisava building in La Rambla 30-32 in a rush, that this closure would last so long and less we imagined that the impact of the pandemic and the associated human crisis would be so hard. Unfortunately, we have had an unfortunate case in our community. Surely some of these days it has been through our minds to think that this situation would be the end of the world we know and the beginning of a world we want to know a little more. A world that has begun to emerge under very specific conditions -that began as an exception and will surely become the norm- and in which the whole community of Elisava is giving its best as an expression of responsibility and above all commitment.

Many models and processes are changing and the pedagogical model is no exception. We are all experiencing this change and most importantly we are all involved in it, feeling us as a relevant part of that change. This fact is fundamental since feeling relevant in a process is a necessary starting point in order to make the result integrative and manage to bring together the maximum energy needed to transform the reality. We are doing it and this implies that we can continue doing it.

In these moments, it is very nice to perceive how trusting relationships are being generated at all levels, how the joy overflows with small things previously imperceptible, how the decision emerges within the uncertainty and how the gratitude begins to gain access within the complaint. I consider that all of these are signs that indicate in some way that we are on the right track, that we are able to observe with perspective and that the negative does not always weigh more than the positive. And when this happens (let's do it very often) it's important to enjoy it. If we know that at equal volume, density is the parameter that provides value to control how things weigh, the impact they have, we know that by controlling the density of all our actions we will be able to fly like Titanium, to protect from lightning X like Lead and, who knows, what else.

Little by little, the long-awaited return is approaching and with it a "new normal" and new challenges will emerge. Perhaps one of the most important things will be to feel again the materiality that in many cases has been lost in these days, when almost everything has been virtual. Recovering the project and its materiality must engage us and we must keep up with it. Recovering this human and physical materiality must allow us to connect again with this new world that together, from the heart and reason, we are building to make tomorrow a great day. And keep it a big day that needs all of us.

A big hug to everyone, take good care of yourself and keep beating because we have a lot to enjoy.

At your entire disposal.


Javier Peña, PhD.
General and Scientific Director of Elisava

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