Letter from Javier Peña, General and Scientific Director of Elisava


Hello everyone,
I hope that these words find everyone in perfect health and, what is equally important, in a perfect emotional state. There is a lot of useless information and there are many negative inputs that come to us every day. It is not easy to filter them, integrate them, digest them and what is worse, it is not easy to separate them from all the good and beautiful things that our environment has, which is a lot. To this beauty is added the great opportunity that we will all have in the construction of our comeback. A comeback that will offer us more than ever the opportunity to work with enthusiasm in order to generate a diverse, inclusive and supportive future. Now more than ever we must be aware of the importance of knowledge generation and the University as the entity that generates it. University is a synonym of universal, integration, diversity, science, art, human, revolutionary, disruptive... It is time to contribute from what we really are. We owe it to society and for this reason we must keep up with it.
Elisava is approaching to its 60 years of history. A history in which we have positioned ourselves, thanks to a myriad of aspects, as one of the world schools of reference in design and engineering. In the 60s, in a not-easy context, it was revolutionary and disruptive, but at the same time full of opportunities. In the 90s, it had the ability to face the university challenge and integrate disciplines like no one else seemed to encounter. With the identity feature of engineering and design, it faced the entrance of the 21st century. It did a Master's Degree in creativity and executed and believed in the relationship Elisava-companies, institutions... Elisava earned its doctorate offering society impact through a multitude of projects, books, articles and, what is more important, teachers and students, people with the ability for transformation. People who educate and are educated in Elisava who, adding value throughout the world, are the Elisava of the present. They are the Elisava of today. The Elisava who has and takes responsibility, with all its assets, to work, work and work for a world that has given us everything and needs us today.
In this sense, what we are rightly particularly proud is the fact that many of these people have maintained their link over time and, in this relationship, have progressed as individuals and as professionals. I also want to refer to all those people who have been linked to Elisava continuously for more than 10, 20 or 25 years, privileged witnesses and main actors in the evolution of our Institution. I am also referring to all those people who proactively decide to extend their bond with Elisava, by being part of our Alumni community or acting as ambassadors, when they return to their countries of origin. I mean, likewise... But why to continue? You all know What I'm talking about.
And it is precisely this community feeling that we have managed to create and preserve that takes on special importance in the current and difficult times that we have to live. It comes to my mind something that I have read in different places and at different times: Everything that happens to us is a perception. We can consider rain annoying or, on the other hand, fantastic for plants. I know that everything is difficult but I think that there is nothing in the universe that does not follow the rule of logic. And logic says that we will return more powerful and, in the meantime, as a community we will continue contributing our best to help us and our near surroundings. Our close environment will feel it and will contribute improving our society. The ball will become big and the small part, that we thought it was nothing, will get excited and, with the experience gained, it will tell us: the path is not fear, the path is love.
I am at your entire disposal.
A big hug to everyone,
Javier Peña
General and Scientific Director of Elisava

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