Javier Peña and Pilar Mellado write about graphene and Design National Award Mario Ruiz in the magazine Experimenta

The magazine Experimenta, a quarterly publication on Design, Communication and Technology, publishes in its 74th edition, published last June, two articles signed by PhD Javier Peña, General Director of ELISAVA, and PhD Pilar Mellado, professor of Degree in Engineering of Industrial Design of our School.

Current and future implementation of graphene

In the first article, Javier Peña reviews the origin, evolution and increasing knowledge of the properties and possibilities of graphene, as well as its current and future implementation by industries, from energy to electronics or health. In it, Javier Peña explains how ELISAVA places graphene, "a catalyst for innovation", as a starting point for the design process and as an inspiration for the creation of future scenarios. He also reviews the work of the School around graphene, either through the Graphene Days (the 5th edition is held in Barcelona in October 2nd) or its implementation in industrial products or the investigation of its impact on society.

Interview with Mario Ruiz

In the second article published in Experimenta, Pilar Mellado interviews Mario Ruiz, industrial designer trained in ELISAVA and winner of the National Design Award in 2016. In it, Ruiz reflects, among other issues, on the evolution of industrial design in our country, the sustainable design or their working methodology. "I feel comfortable in uncomfortable projects, because they are a challenge and the result is usually more innovative", he says.

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