Interaction Design students propose usability improvements for the digital platform


For the second year running, students from the Mention in Interaction of Elisava’s Degree in Design have worked with the citizen participation platform helps citizens, organizations and public institutions to self-organize democratically and at any scale.

The goal was to provide the platform with a greater participation, at the request of Last year they already carried out a study on how to improve usability through design and this year they have carried out new actions linked to Elisava's Design for City Making programme. 

The final goal has been to achieve quality participation. How can we ensure that the citizens who take part in a participatory process do so responsibly? To this end, the students have based their proposals for redesigning the platform using three models of young user profiles.

The students Elena del Moral, Oscar Morales and María Moreso, for example, have created a “test question” before giving support to a proposal and thus ensuring that the user has been correctly informed.

The students Teo Blanc, Aitor Espasa and Jan Saludes, additionally, have thought of an application that notifies the user each time there is a new proposal, to keep him informed at all times.

What if there were digital information boards all over the city? Luis Beso, Alba Eiriz and Carla Vives proposed that the user should be able to connect to the panels via Bluetooth and thus be informed of the new proposals.

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