Graphic Elisava students design banners with message in a workshop with Simón Sepúlveda


The students of the new edition of Graphic Elisava's masters (Master in Visual Design, Master in Editorial Design and Master in Data Design) have participated in the workshop 'Breaking the Ice'; a collaborative workshop designed to, as its name suggests, encourage new students to work together for the first time and get to know each other.

The workshop project consisted of the ideation, design and production of a series of banners and canvases with a prerequisite: they had to contain a message linked to activism or reflect ideas, opinions or secrets of their authors in order to dialogue, discuss and get to know each other during the first weeks of class.

The workshop, led by Simón Sepúlveda, took place over five days (from October 3 to 7), during which the participants went through different phases of work:

Day 1: Define the theme or message of the flag. Drawing and outline.

Day 2: Define work phases and prepare all necessary materials, choose background and geometric figure associated with the project.

Day 3: Working day together, exchange of groups and creation of online and offline materials.

Day 4: Sew and finalize the flags. Define the route of the final procession.

Day 05: Procession and installation of flags in a space in the school, and final celebration with Estrella Damm beers, music and exchange of impressions.