Food Design at Elisava

Food Design is a relatively new area of knowledge in the field of design. With many different definitions, all of them optimal and valid although still not very consensual and concrete, Food Design has grown over the last few years and is here to stay. More and more designers are devoting themselves to this discipline in order to reflect on food and design with the aim of rethinking and redesigning the act of eating.

What we eat, where it comes from, how it has been produced or grown, how we eat it, where we eat it, what we eat with, who we eat with, how and where we buy food, how we transport it...

We understand Food Design as an agent of change, as a transdisciplinary tool that unites gastronomy and design with industry from all fields with the aim of creating reflection and action to improve the food system and help the industry and the society.

In this sense, we identify the synergies that are being produced between design schools and gastronomy schools and we lead the challenge of incorporating the methodologies of both fields of knowledge for the training of the Food Designers of the present and the future.