The first collection of Materials Designers that you can visit now at the Elisava Library

Materials Designers Elisava
Materials Designers Elisava
Materials Designers Elisava
Materials Designers Elisava

In the material library you can see, touch, feel and meet the materials interpreted and classified in a new different way. From an edible paper created from fruits and vegetables that does not use glues, to a substitute for conventional plastic, produced from bacteria.

The first exhibition, titled Material Tribes, brings together four tribes or collections of materials: circular, smart & advanced, cultural and basic.

Circular Materials is the outstanding collection of this first exhibition and presents materials that respond to a circular look in an integrative way and allow processes to be mimicked with nature, using raw materials such as waste or cultivated products.

Smart & Advanced Materials shows how materials have the ability to transform energy and adapt to the environment by changing their properties, and how their potential for lightness allows the amount of matter to be reduced for better efficiency and effectiveness.

Cultural Materials brings together materials that interpret history, traditions and society, typical of our immediate environment and our territory, where crafts play an important role.

Finally, Basic Materials shows that the basics are essential pieces, materials that are maintained season after season. They are versatile materials and knowing them serves as a starting point to foster the creativity of designers.

This first exhibition, Material Tribes, will be part of a cycle of different samples permanently exhibited at the ‘Biblioteca Enric Bricall’ in Elisava that students and teachers can visit exclusively.

About Material Designers

Materials Designers is a materials knowledge and interpretation platform aimed at researchers, teachers and companies. Based on experimentation and design through new materials, it has been researching for years how the materials in our environment can be understood in an integral way and from a social, cultural, sustainable and technological perspective. The different academic and research projects at an international level have been promoted through Elisava Research and from the different Elisava degrees and masters.

The Materials Designers platform also offers services aimed at companies and organisations, accompanying them in training and innovation through materials, detecting and developing new opportunities through different collaboration formats such as: research projects, training capsules, development of own materials or the selection of commercial materials for different sectors – Material Boxes. 

Visiting hours are from Monday to Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you want to know more about Materials Designers, send us an email at: