Feature about the workshop with Lex Pott


Last May 18th and in collaboration with the Festival DEMO, the Dutch designer Lex Pott visited ELISAVA to carry out an exclusive workshop for our PES (Simultaneous Studies Programme) students.

Elia Bagó, a 5th year student of this programme, explains some of the details of the experience:

Lex Pott came with a very simple and honest proposal: to teach us his main productive processes in order for us to try them and to acquire them as ours.

The work with color as a physical material, and not only as a visual pigment is one of the objectives in almost every Lex’s project. This way is how he transmitted it to us: through the deformation and mix of clays creating color bodies, with the natural birth of color in the rusting of metals through specific chemical solutions or in pH sensitive paper when they are in touch with simple organic inks as a fruit and vegetables juice.

Another interesting process, more focused on the creation of shape, was to manually deform a green garden metal net to achieve three-dimensional shapes outside the virtual world”.

According to Elia and other participating students in the workshop, none of the included practices in the mural has had a finite proposal: “experimentation for experimentation and the research of new processes were only the only goal”.

Lex Pott (1985) works from his design studio in Rotterdam and graduated cum laude in 2009 at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

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