Elisava’s Degree students design and prototype products for La Ricarda and Casa Bloc

Elisava has developed in the last years a series of projects that have as reference milieu La Ricarda and Casa Bloc, with the aim of reflecting, rethinking and transforming the functional, aesthetic or social model that these icons of modern Catalan architecture proposed at the time.

It is an exhibition, developed in Elisava, about the working process followed by the students taking the Degree in Design, which reflects on the architectural work designed by the architect Antonio Bonet and considered, in architectural terms, the best example of Catalan Rationalism.

To do this, students have been informed about the history of the house and have worked for a month on their respective projects. Likewise, the students have made a professional photo session through which they have discovered the possibilities of marketing and art direction within the framework of contemporary design for the habitat.

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