Elisava x Simon: New Atmospheres of Private Space

Elisava x Simon
Elisava x Simon
Elisava x Simon
Elisava x Simon

The students of Elisava's Degree in Design (Space Design Mention) present, in collaboration with Simon, 4 projects that explore new atmospheres of private space with two of the brand's most iconic luminaires, "Mood" and "Slim".  

At a time when our lives have been taken by surprise by an extraordinary situation, homes have become the nerve centre of our daily activity. Eating, working, playing sport or resting... Can the same luminaire adapt and respond to the diverse needs of today's homes?  

Residential space is undergoing major changes: its uses, intensity and meaning are being reconfigured. In this change, the role of light as an element capable of transforming space is very relevant. Thus, the students have studied the user and his or her point of view to discover what atmospheres can accompany him or her in this new way of living.  

To carry out this challenge, the working groups, guided by the teachers Maria Güell, Adrián Jurado and Ramón García, presented their mock-ups to experiment with the relationship between space, light and the user. They often stretched the forms a little to find new capacities for the luminaires, giving rise to unsuspected scenes.  

This project is part of the collaborations that Elisava carries out with companies, institutions and NGOs, which become part of the school's day-to-day work and which are a differential factor in bringing students closer to the professional world from the first year.    

Elisava x Simon Projects  

Sin luz no hay nada. Students: Clàudia Blanes, Núria Estarlich, Noa Gomà, Alicia Zhu  

How can two activities with different lighting needs coexist? In this project, the height and inclination of the luminaires can vary according to the position of the bracket, always using the same accessory.  

Sensaciones. Students: Liza Canavaggio, Blanca Jofré, Arnau Merino, Javier Pradal.  

The aim of this work is to transmit the sensations and the experience offered by "Mood", to communicate this luminaire in a much more sensorial and poetic way. The visible surface in white contrasts with the projection of the finishing touches in chrome, gold, copper, bronze or colours such as blue, which offer the user very powerful sensations.   

Ilumina el cambio. Students: Alejandra Fuertes, Robert Rodríguez, Pilar Olona, Júlia Vera  

In order to give value to the "Slim" luminaire, which is versatile, flexible and customisable, the activities that a possible user carries out in their day-to-day life were analysed, placing value on the role of light. Taking into account the current situation, the typical user is a middle-aged person with his own home who currently teleworks and consequently does a large part of their daily life at home. Ilumina el cambio is a project where light is the protagonist, thus demonstrating the adaptability and versatility of this luminaire.     

Shake your mood. Students: Joana Mª Vives, Mariona Talló, Gina Gudayol, Carla Masferrer, Júlia Gal  

There are many ways to change the position of an object, but one of them is to shake the container that holds it. This was the choice made to visually explain the change of position of "Mood", based on a sequence of bold, pictorial images that create interest in the spectator and that use the chromaticism of the image to highlight the main element, "Mood" and its light. 

Elisava x Simon
Elisava x Simon
Elisava x Simon
Elisava x Simon

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