Elisava students promote the ‘Dissenyem comerç’ project to boost local commerce in La Sagrera


The students of Elisava's Degree in Design have carried out the Sagrerenc/a of the year action in Plaça Masadas in La Sagrera. This action was designed by Elisava students in collaboration with the Sagrera Activa Traders' Association (SAAC), the district of Sant Andreu, Barcelona Activa and the Design Museum.

The first preliminary phase of the project consisted of taking the temperature in the neighbourhood. The pupils were asked to understand what the specific features of La Sagrera are and to find out first-hand the opinions of the local residents. La Sagrera is a neighbourhood with its own personality and it was essential to situate ourselves in the area and find out how the residents perceive their own neighbourhood, its institutions, its most unique places and its most representative activities. At Elisava, we understand that local commerce, beyond its commercial and service function, is a central aspect in the social life of the neighbourhood, an essential framework for weaving community and generating a relationship with the city, between neighbours, on a more comfortable and welcoming scale, in short, on a more human scale.

After a month working on the ideation of the project, this Thursday 27 May, between three and seven in the afternoon, the team of Elisava students has designed a first action called Sagrerenc/a of the year. The aim is twofold: on the one hand, to publicise the Dissenyem comerç project to local residents. On the other hand, to talk to the neighbours, to find out what they think, what they value about their neighbourhood, what they miss or what they think could be improved.

To carry out this action, mirrors have been placed around the different shops in the neighbourhood where any resident can see itself reflected as Sagrerenc/a of the year. We are all part of the neighbourhood and the project would not make sense without the participation of the neighbourhood. That is why the action is announced with a poster-mirror that includes the presence of the neighbours when they look at it. This poster/mirror invited the neighbours to participate in the Sagrerenc/a action of the year when the neighbours found a mobile device in Masadas square, where the visions of the neighbours were collected.

Dissenyem comerç is a project promoted by the Department of Tourism and Creative Industries together with the Department of Commerce, Markets, Finance and Internal Regime and the Design Hub Barcelona. The main objective is to promote local commerce, a central aspect in the articulation of the social and neighbourhood fabric of the city's neighbourhoods. For its development, Dissenyem comerç relies on the participation of different schools, recognising an important pedagogical aspect in its determination and, at the same time, taking advantage of the creative, technical and artistic potential of the younger generations.

Last year, a group of Elisava students developed a pilot programme in collaboration with the commercial axis of Sants - Les Corts. This year, another group of students has developed this second project, in collaboration with the Sagrera Traders' Association (SAAC), the Sant Andreu district and Barcelona Activa.

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