Elisava students give a second life to La Rambla's flower kiosks


The project 'Recuperem els Quioscos de La Rambla', promoted by Elisava with the collaboration of the Institut Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona, aims to give a second life to the flower kiosks of this avenue that are currently in disuse and to revitalise the area around La Rambla through culture and participation.

The aim is for the city's inhabitants to once again enjoy this unique central avenue of the city, which has been affected in recent years by overcrowded tourism. In this context, students in the first year of Elisava's Undergraduate Degree in Design have been working throughout the term on proposals for citizen attention, shows and gastronomy that maximise citizen interaction and participation.

The students' proposals, which they presented on the morning of Friday 11 June at the flower kiosks on La Rambla, range from a shelter to welcome and care for victims of aggression, to a dynamic stage for musical performances, spaces for debate to connect with other people, an interactive consulting room that also functions as a platform for expression for young people, and a kitchen, connected to the Boqueria, which would host gastronomic workshops to promote local cuisine.

Live programme on Ràdio Rambles

In parallel to the presentation of the projects in the kiosks, a special radio programme was broadcast on Radio Ramblas (Barcelona Community Radio Network) with the participation of the academic heads of the project, members of the organisations linked to this initiative and some of the students who designed the proposals:

  • Academic leaders: Dr. Danae Esparza, Head of Studies of the Degree in Design; Salva Fàbregas, Head of 1st year of the Degree in Design at Elisava; and Dr. Ramon Faura, Coordinator of the Social and Experimental Sciences Area of the Degree in Design.
  • Public entity members: Pau Bosch, Amics de La Rambla; Andreu Meixide, Coordinador del Projecte Rambla; Santiago Ibarra, Conseller del Districte de Ciutat Vella; i Oscar Ubide, Gerent dels comerciants del Mercat de la Boqueria.
  • Students: Rosa Bolinaga, Emma Rosales, Ona Boix, Arnau Alonso, Meritxell Sauquet, Sara Ayter, Bernat Rucabado, Julia Guillén, Júlia Berenguer i Rita Canals.

The recovery of La Rambla by its citizens

'Recuperem els Quioscos de La Rambla' is part of 'Baixa a La Rambla', an initiative promoted by Barcelona City Council and the Amics de La Rambla Association with the aim of bringing the citizens of Barcelona back into contact with this emblematic space of the city. The project is in line with the cultural strategies promoted by the Institute of Culture, Foment de Ciutat Vella and the Ciutat Vella District based on the proposals arising from the Las Ramblas cooperative project led by the kmZERO.

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