Elisava students create objects to improve the quality of life of the residents of the Arrels Fundació Llar

fundació arrels

About twenty students from the Elisava school have designed and created products to improve the quality of life of the residents of the Llar Pere Barnés. This Llar is an innovative program by Arrels Foundation that responds to homeless people affected by the fact of having lived on the streets.

In the framework of the subject "Optional Projects" of the Elisava Degree in Design, the students had the challenge of designing and executing real products to improve the lives of the residents of the Llar. "The goal is for students to understand that as future designers they have the obligation to focus on the most vulnerable. The role of designers is to work with people, not only to design", says Curro Claret, designer and professor at Elisava.

Thus, the most relevant aspect of the project was to place the user in the centre, carrying out a research process to know and understand the needs of residents and to find tangible solutions to facilitate their day-to-day life. Along these lines, during the research process, the students were in constant contact with the residents of the home, an essential element to delve into their day-to-day life and to acquire a deep understanding of their environment.

A vest to always carry personal belongings, a piece of furniture to keep the room tidy or an accessory for the chest of drawers are some of the proposals created by Elisava students. Daniel Callis, from Arrels, highlights that "residents have highly valued the work of Elisava's students and are already using the products they have made. They managed to establish relationships in a very complicated time through video calls."

Apart from personalized products according to the residents' needs, the students have also worked on various proposals to improve the Llar Pere Barnés space itself. These proposals have been delivered to the Foundation so that the residents themselves can implement them when they consider it.

fundació arrels
fundació arrels

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